Facilities and technologies

Learn about the multiple genomics and genomics-related facilities at the University of Edinburgh.

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Shared research facilities

The Bioinformatics Core Facility provides regular training sessions, tools, advice and data analysis services to Centre members.

Bio-Imaging and Flow Cytometry Facility provides high-end microscopy, cell sorting and flow cytometry equipment.

Biomolecular Core Facility offers construction of bespoke lentiviral vectors, lentiviral packaging, RNA and DNA analysis.

Information for new, and established students, researchers and principal investigators working in animal research at the University of Edinburgh.

The Edinburgh Genome Foundry is a research facility specialised in the assembly of large DNA fragments using a highly automated platform.

Edinburgh Genomics is a world leading genomics and bioinformatics facility delivering high volume data and cutting-edge analyses.


Research facility that provides proteomics and metabolomics services for qualitative and quantitative analysis.

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The Genetics Core is staffed and equipped to provide secure receipt, processing, archiving and analysis of biological samples.

We aim to engage scientists from all over the world to understand the genetic factors that change outcome in critical illness.

We provide advice, training, computational tools and collaborative expertise to all Institute of Genetics and Cancer researchers.

Facility provides resources, collaborative expertise and advice on all aspects of avian biology research

Single-cell Multi-omics facility has recently established a new single cell analysis service using a 10x Genomics Chromium Controller.

The Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Facility provides dedicated facilities and specialist nursing support for a wide range of clinical studies.