BSc Biological Sciences (Immunology)

Full-time 4 years study

Immunology is a rapidly evolving subject at the forefront of advances in science and medicine. It looks at the ways in which animals react to infectious agents such as viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites, as well as to tumours and organ transplantation.

Applications of immunology

Immunology is fundamental to the treatment of important disorders including:

  • allergies
  • autoimmune diseases
  • immune deficiencies

It is also central to the understanding of resistance and susceptibility to infectious diseases, transplantation science, and to vaccine development.

Understanding immunology is important for working in a range of medical and infectious diseases contexts, and for development of suitable therapies and novel biotechnological advances.

On this programme, you will study cell growth and differentiation and how immune responses function.

Biological Sciences explores the study of living organisms, covering everything from the interactions of animals in their environment to how genes are expressed.

We offer 12 different biological sciences subject areas, including immunology. Regardless of your initial application choice, you will have the opportunity to explore aspects of each of our programmes in the early years and choose to specialise in whichever one interests you.

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