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A list of research groups engaged in genomics research at the University of Edinburgh.

Below are links to over a hundred research groups working on genomics research covering all aspects of the biomedical sciences who have signed up to be part of Genomics at Edinburgh.

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Website Research Interest Group Leader
Aitman Group Genomic medicine, cancer genomics, cell-free DNA, COVID-19 diagnostics Aitman, Tim Prof
Archibald Group Pigs, suina, reference genomes, variation, FAANG Archibald, Alan Prof
Atkins Group Phylogenetic analysis, mathematical modelling, infectious diseases Atkins, Katherine Dr
Bain Group Macrophages, inflammation, infection, lung, gut, transcriptomics Bain, Calu Dr
Barker Group Bioinformatics education, phylogeny, comparative genomics, sonification, philosophy of science Barker, Daniel Dr
Bayne Lab Epigenetics, RNAi, heterochromatin, centromere, fission yeast Bayne, Liz Dr
Beentjes Group Population genetics, functional genomics, mathematical statistics, targeted learning, causal inference Beentjes, Sjoerd Dr
Bickmore Group 3D genome, enhancers, polycomb, human disease Bickmore, Wendy Prof
Blackburn Group Thymus, stem cells, development, reprogramming, organoids Blackburn, Clare Prof 
Bochkina Group Statistical analysis, single cell data, Bayesian modelling, differential clustering, periodicity Bochkina, Natalia Dr
Bogaert Group Child Health, global health, respiratory, microbiome-host-environment, infection Bogaert, Debby Prof
Brook Group Post-transcriptional regulation, RNA-binding proteins, cardiometabolic disease, post-translational modification, mRNA translation Brook, Matthew Dr
Buonomo Group Replication-timing, nuclear architecture, epigenetics Buonomo, Sara Dr
Brown Lab Translational, genetics, genomics, skin, atopic eczema Brown, Sara Prof
Caporali Group MicroRNA, vascular biology, extracellular vesicles, ncRNA delivery, cell-to-cell communication Caporali, Andrea Dr
Cawthorn Group Bone marrow adipose tissue, caloric restriction, ageing, metabolism, bone, immunology Cawthorn, William Dr
Clark Group Ruminant, gene expression, functional genomics, FAANG, gene regulation Clark, Emily Dr
Cobb Lab Gene therapy, genetic brain disorders, neurology, genetic therapy Cobb, Stuart Dr
Colhoun Group

Diabetes , auto immune disorders, genetic epidemiology , biomarkers

Colhoun, Helen Prof
Cowan Lab Immune response, antibody, t-cell receptor, AIRRseq, autoimmunity Cowan, Graeme Dr
Cox Group Cognitive, brain, lifestyle, ageing, omics Cox, Simon Dr
Cunningham Group Parasitism, disease, ecology, early-life effects, maternal effects Cunningham, Emma Dr
DARTH Group Data analytics, pattern recognition, signal processing, time-series analysis, machine learning Tsanas, Thanasis Prof
Davidson Lab Cathelicidin, antimicrobial peptide, host defence peptide, immunomodulation, respiratory syncytial virus Davidson, Donald Prof
De Sousa Group Development, stem cells, stromal cells, therapeutics De Sousa, Paul Dr
Dexter Group Evolutionary ecology, tropical ecology, biogeography, systematics, botany Dexter, Kyle Dr
Diaz - Castro Lab Blood-brain barrier, brain vascular disease, dementia, astrocyte, brain endothelial cells Diaz-Castro, Blanca Dr
Digard Group Influenza virus, coronavirus, evolution, pathogenicity, host range Digard, Paul Prof
Evans Group Neurodegeneration, psychiatric, cellular, omics, crispr Evans, Kathy Dr

Ewing Group

Statistics, cancer, genomics, evolution, structural variation

Ewing, Ailith Dr

Feng Group ScRNAseq, zebrafish, live imaging, cancer, metabolomic Feng, Yi Dr
Fitzgerald Lab Bacteriology, pathogenesis, populations, genomics, evolution Fitzgerald, Ross Prof
Forrester Group Human iPSCs, haematopoiesis, RNA sequencing, proteomics Forrester, Lesley Prof
Free Group Metataxonomics, metagenomics, genomics, microbial ecology, biotechnology Free, Andrew Dr
Generation Scotland Genetics, heritability, epigenetics, epidemiology, mental health  
Gibson Group Hormones, inflammation, repair, endometrium, women Gibson, Douglas Dr
Gillingwater Group Neuroscience, anatomy, motor neuron disease, neurodegeneration, synapse Gillingwater, Tom Prof
Gram Hansen Lab Hippo pathway, cell size, mechanotransduction, mesothelioma, regeneration Hansen, Carsten Dr
Guschanski Lab Conservation genomics, speciation, ancient DNA, metagenomics, population genomics Guschanski, Katerina Dr
Harrison Group Surgery, cancer, machine learning, predictive modelling, global health Harrison, Ewen Prof
Hay Group Pluripotent stem cells, liver, tissue engineering, modelling, implantable human tissue Hay, Dave Prof
Hayward Group GWAS, quantitative genetics, genomics, genotype analysis, electronic health record linkage Hayward, Caroline Prof
Headon Group Animal, chicken, skin, intestine, development Headon, Denis Dr
Henderson Lab Single cell genomics, spatial transcriptomics, single Nuclei RNA Sequencing, fibrosis, liver regeneration Henderson, Neil Prof
Highlander Lab Population, improvement, data science, genetics, breeding Gorjanc, Gregor Dr
Ho Group IBD, Crohn’s, UC, microbiome, metagenomics, gut barrier Ho, Gwo-tzer Dr
Hoyle Group Molecular epidemiology, zoonoses, AMR, One Health Hoyle, Deborah Dr
Hudson Group Evolution, adaptation, antirrhinum, snapdragon, evo-devo Hudson, Andrew Prof
Kaji Group Cellular reprogramming, iPS cells, hepatocytes, knockout screen, gene targeting Kaji, Keisuke Prof
Karagianni Group Multiomics, RNAseq, proteomics, spatial-transrciptomics, immunology Karagianni, Anna Eleanora Dr
Kaufman Group Chicken, vertebrates, MHC, TCR, NKR Kaufman, Jim Prof
Khamseh Group Trait-causal variants, single-cell genomics, causal inference, machine learning Khamseh, Ava Dr
Kidner Group Plant, evolution, speciation, evo-devo, herbarium Kidner, Catherine Dr
Kranis Group Genomic prediction, big data, genome evolution, genetic architecture, genetic diversity Kranis, Andreas Dr
Kudla Group Codon usage, RNA structure, variant effects, mutational scanning, synthetic biology Kudla, Grzegorz Dr
Kustatscher Group Proteomics, bioinformatics, high-throughput proteomics, protein synthesis, degradation kinetics Kustatscher, Georg Dr
Law Group Bioinformatics, research software development, data management Law, Andy Dr
Lin Group Female Fertility, oocyte, embryo, epigenetics, histone Lin, Chin-Jen Dr
Lisowski Group Horse, inflammation, intestine, immune cells Lisowski, Zofia Dr
Lohse Lab Population genomics, population genetics theory, speciation, comparative genomics Lohse, Konrad Dr
Long Group Human genetics, gene regulation, craniofacial development, enhancers, chromosome topology Long, Hannah Dr
Luciano Group Behavioural genetics, GWAS, gene-environment interplay, human cognitive abilities, personality Luciano, Michelle Dr
Lycett Group Phylodynamics, epidemiology, viruses, bacteria, phylogenetics Lycett, Samantha Dr
Mabbott Group Host-pathogen interactions, mucosal immunity, neuroimmunology, neurodegeneration, aging Mabbott, Neil Prof
Macias Lab RNA, viruses, transposable elements, interferon, embryonic development Macias, Sara Dr
Macqueen Lab Genomics, functional genomics, evolution, fish biology, aquaculture Macqueen, Dan Prof
Marioni Group Genetics, epigenetics, proteomics, epidemiology, biostatistics Marioni, Riccardo Dr
Marston Lab Meiosis, mitosis, genome organisation, yeast, mammalian oocyte Marston, Adele Prof
Martin Lab Evolution, speciation, hybridisation, population genomics, butterflies Martin, Simon Dr
Mason Group Brain development, cerebral organoids, transcription factors Mason, John Prof
Matthews Lab African trypanosomes, non pathogenic trypanosomes, development, genome, gene expression Matthews, Keith Prof
McCormick Lab Plants, cyanobacteria, algae, photosynthesis, synthetic biology McCormick, Alistair Dr
McCulloch Group Stroke, infection, immune suppression, B cells, mucosal immunity McCulloch, Laura Dr
McLaren Group Personalisation of Radiotherapy, biomarkers of normal tissue and tumour response, cell-free DNA, imaging biomarkers and breath analysis McLaren, Duncan Prof
Meddle Group Behaviour, neuroendocrinology, bird, stress, reproduction

Meddle, Simone Prof

Minchin Lab Adipose tissue, in vivo imaging, zebrafish, large-scale CRISPR screens, genetics Minchin, James Dr
Murray Group Motor neuron, neuromuscular junctions, degeneration, disease, mouse models Murray, Lyndsay Dr
Muwonge Group Antimicrobial resistance, gut ecology, epidemiology, microbiome Muwonge, Adrian Dr
Nolan Lab Neural circuits, neural computation, molecular neuroanatomy, learning and memory, spatial cognition Nolan, Matthew Prof
Obbard Lab Evolution, population genetics, insects, viruses, RNAi Obbard, Darren Dr
Ogden Group Conservation, genomics, bioinformatics, wildlife, endangered Ogden, Rob Prof
Osterweil Lab Autism, neuroscience, protein synthesis, RNA-seq, fragile X Osterweil, Emily Dr
Ottersbach Group Haematopoietic stem cells, development, infant leukaemia, niche, haematopoiesis Ottersbach, Katrin Prof
Oyarzún Group Machine learning, data science, personalized medicine, synthetic biology, genome-scale metabolic modelling Oyarzún, Diego Dr
Patton Group

Melanoma, Melanocyte Stem Cells, Disease Models, Genomics, Genetics

Patton, Liz Prof
Pedersen Group Disease ecology, wild immunology Pedersen, Amy Dr
Pickersgill Group The social dimensions of (epi)genetics Pickersgill, Martyn Prof

Ponting Group

Trait-causal variants, functional genomics, single cell genomics, ME/CFS genetics, lncRNAs

Ponting, Chris Prof

Pollard Lab Neural stem cell, glioblastoma, transcription, epigenetics, gene therapy Pollard, Steven Prof
Prendergast Group Genomics, genetics, gene regulation, evolution, mammals Prendergast, James Dr
Ramachandran Group Liver, fibrosis, monocyte, macrophage, single-cell Ramachandran, Prakash Dr

Reynolds Group

Pregnancy, lifecourse, diabetes, glucocorticoids, birthweight Reynolds, Rebecca Prof
Robertson Group Ontologies, protocols, inference Robertson, David Prof
Robledo Group Aquaculture, genetics, disease resistance, editing, fish Robledo, Diego Dr
Rochefort Lab Visual cortex, neuronal circuits, sex-specificity, inhibition, calorie restriction Rochefort, Nathalie Dr
Romano Group Heterogeneity, pituitary, stress, endocrinology Romano, Nicola Dr
Ross Lab Evolutionary genomics, insects, unusual inheritance, sex chromosomes Ross, Laura Dr
Sargison Group Haemonchus contorts model parasitic nematode, Haemonchus contorts genome assembly, post genomic research of parasite diversity, nemabiome metabarcoding, nematode population genetics Sargison, Neil Prof
Schoenebeck Group Assembly, annotation, WGS, GWAS, imputation Schoenebeck, Jeffrey Dr
Schumacher Group Mathematical modelling, cell dynamics, cell interactions, cell state transitions, regeneration Schumacher, Linus Dr
Semple Lab Bioinformatics, genomics, transcriptomics, evolution, cancer Semple, Colin Prof
Semple Group Genetics, insulin resistance, diabetes, adipose tissue, PI 3-Kinase Semple, Robert Prof
Sibley Lab Functional genomics, ALS, autism, iCLIP, scRNA-seq Sibley, Chris Dr
Simm Group Food systems, planetary health Simm, Geoff Prof
Simpson Group Gene-expression, networks, machine-learning, statistics, neuroscience Simpson, Ian Dr

Smith Group

Avian, genomics, host response, disease resistance, environmental adaptation

Smith, Jacqueline Dr

Stevens Group Bacterial pathogenesis, functional genomics, animal disease, food safety Stevens, Mark Prof
Stimson Group Obesity, metabolism, brown adipose tissue, experimental medicine, tracers Stimson, Roland Prof
Stone Group Entomology, phylogenomics, population genetics, transcriptomics, coevolution Stone, Graham Prof
Stracquadanio Lab Synthetic biology, synthetic genomics, protein engineering, cancer biology, machine learning Stracquadanio, Giovanni Dr
Surmeli Lab Neural, networks, transcriptome, cell, identity Surmeli, Gulsen Dr
Vernimmen Lab Role of epigenetic regulators during cell differentiation Vernimmen, Douglas Dr
Taylor Group Genome, mutation, selection, evolution, regulation Taylor, Martin Prof
Tenesa Group Complex traits, genetics, genomics, disease, quantitative genetics Tenesa, Albert Prof
Thomson Group Cancer, genomics, epigenetics, informatics, NHS patient data Thomson, John Dr
Thomson Group Statistical genetics, psychiatric illness, depression, sequence, bioinformatics Thomson, Pippa Dr
Twyford Lab Plant evolution, genome structure, population genetics, hybridisation and speciation Twyford, Alex Dr
Vale Lab Host-pathogen interactions, evolutionary ecology, invertebrate immunity, pathogen evolution, experimental epidemiology Vale, Pedro Dr 
Vallejos Group Bayesian, statistics, single cell, electronic health records, risk prediction Vallejos, Catalina Dr
Van Ooijen Circadian clocks, cell biology, multi-omics, algae and plants, chronobiology Van Ooijen, Gerben Dr
Wallace Lab RNA, protein synthesis, fungi, stress, bioinformatics Wallace, Edward Dr
Walmsley Group Neutrophil, inflammation, hypoxia, metabolism, epigenetic Walmsley, Sarah Prof
Watson Group Microbiome, genomics, bioinformatics, livestock, sequencing Watson, Mick Prof
Wiener Group Domesticated animals, selection, adaptation, complex traits, population genomics Wiener, Pam Dr
Williams Group Myelin pathology, oligodendrocyte, multiple sclerosis, cerebral small vessel disease, remyelination Williams, Anna Prof

Wilson Group

Embryo, development, mammalian, spinal cord, somitogenesis Wilson, Val Prof
Wilson Group GWAS, rare variants, genetic drift, omics, inbreeding depression Wilson, Jim Prof
Woolhouse Group Epidemiology, zoonoses, metagenomics, microbial genomics, antimicrobial resistance Woolhouse, Mark Prof
Young Group Evolution, population genetics, transcriptomics, promoters, enhancers Young, Rob Dr