BSc Biological Sciences (Cell Biology)

Full-time 4 years study

Modern cell biology is a dynamic discipline that combines the interests and techniques of many scientific fields, including:

  • molecular biology
  • genetics
  • developmental biology
  • biochemistry

Applications of cell biology

Cell biologists investigate the basic structural and functional units of life: the cells that compose all living organisms. They aim to understand:

  • cellular structure
  • composition and regulation
  • the organelles that cells contain
  • cell growth
  • nuclear and cellular division
  • cell death

Understanding how cells work is fundamental to many areas of biology and is of particular importance to biomedical fields such as cancer research and the development of diseases.

Biological sciences explores the study of living organisms, covering everything from the interactions of animals in their environment to how genes are expressed.

We offer 12 different biological sciences subject areas, including cell biology. Regardless of your initial application choice, you will have the opportunity to explore aspects of each of our programmes in the early years and choose to specialise in whichever one interests you.

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