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TEAMS Biomarkers in Industry, Health and Disease Symposium

The Edinburgh Association of Mass Spectrometrists (TEAMS) invite you to their annual symposium at the Institute of Genetics and Cancer.

The programme focuses on “Biomarkers in Industry, Health and Disease” and features high-profile speakers from across Edinburgh, the CRUK Scotland Institute in Glasgow and the Centre for Targeted Protein Degradation in Dundee.

Furthermore, there are two speakers from Olink and Bruker, two companies that, in collaboration with large biomedical resources such as the UK Biobank, are enabling ground-breaking Biomarker discovery.

This represents an ideal opportunity for groups interested in biomarkers to interact with researchers, facilities and industry that enable this research.

More information is on the TEAMS website,

9.20 Welcome and Introduction Natalie Homer (TEAMS)

9.30-11.00 Metabolic Biomarkers Chair Alex von Kriegsheim Bart Pander, CHO online biomarker monitoring for biopharma, (Burgess Group, Edinburgh) Tessa Moses, TBC (EdinOmics, University of Edinburgh) Natalie Homer, TBC (Clinical Research Facility, QMRI)


11.20-12.50 Models and Markers for Drug Discovery Chair Natalie Homer Agata Makar, High-throughput Proteomics to determine target engagement (CRUK Scotland Centre, IGC, Edinburgh) Ilaria Puoti, Confounding factors in targeted degradation of short-lived proteins (Centre for Targeted Protein Degradation, University of Dundee) Sarantis Chlamydas. TBC (Olink Biosciences)

Break for Lunch

1.30-3.00 Biomarker Discovery in Cancer Research Chair Tessa Moses Marta Canel, Understanding the impact of mutational heterogeneity in the early detection of pancreatic cancer (CRUK Scotland Centre, IGC, Edinburgh) Manal al Harbi, Identification of a novel Biomarker Signature for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer (CRUK Scotland Centre, IGC, Edinburgh Sergio Lilla, MS-Redox Proteomics for Biomarker Discovery, (CRUK Scotland Institute, Glasgow)


3.20-4.50 Biomarkers in Blood and Tissue Chair Bart Pander TBC, Plasma Biomarker Discovery (Bruker UK) Sphamandla Ntshangase, Spatial Lipidomic Profiles of Atherosclerotic Plaques: Mass Spectrometry Imaging Study (Centre for Cardiovascular Research, QMRI, Edinburgh) Samantha Eaton, Biomarker discovery in blood - investigations in a model of childhood dementia (Roslin Institute, Edinburgh)

5.00 Closing Remarks Alex von Kriegsheim