Genetics and Molecular Medicine (MRC Human Genetics Unit) - PhD, MScR

Full-time and part-time PhD and MScR study

The MRC Human Genetics Unit discovers how changes in our DNA impact our lives.

We combine the latest computational and experimental technologies to investigate how our genomes work to control the function of molecules, cells and tissues in people and populations.

For more than half a century our research has been dedicated to understanding human genetic disease.

Today we continue to apply our clinical and scientific expertise, harnessing the power of complex data, to improve health, and the lives of patients and their families.

As well as delivering outstanding research, the institute creates a vibrant scientific community and a friendly research environment rich in both scientific and social opportunities.

Our PhD and MSc programmes harness strengths in different research disciplines:

  • genetics
  • molecular biology
  • biochemistry
  • cell biology)

These are tied to our scientific themes:

  • disease mechanisms
  • biomedical genomics
  • genome regulation

Our programmes also provides a strong focus on computational biology, and state of the art imaging as part of the Edinburgh Super-Resolution Imaging Consortium.

Genetics and Molecular Medicine postgraduate study