Bioresearch & Veterinary Services

Information for new, and established students, researchers and principal investigators working in animal research at the University of Edinburgh.

Bioresearch & Veterinary Services (BVS) are responsible for the housing, care and management of animals used in biomedical research at the university as well as the provision of Home Office, veterinary and technical support for our scientific staff to ensure high quality research, optimal animal welfare and compliance with all relevant legislation.

BVS plays a significant role in supporting our research by having the capability and expertise to oversee the veterinary, husbandry and research needs of a number of laboratory animal species, including genetically altered animals. We maintain a range of animal facilities across the estate where professional technical staff are available to provide for husbandry as well as procedural work including monitoring of clinical models and surgery. We also have an in house transgenic service available to all researchers.

Home Office licensing and training is overseen by a dedicated team of vets, training officers and administrators who work closely with academic and technical staff to ensure compliance with legislation and prioritise the application of the 3Rs (Reduction, Refinement, Replacement), encouraging a Culture of Care across all facilities. We endeavour to make the processes and procedures as straightforward as possible and are available for advice and assistance to all staff.

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