Cancer Biology and Precision Oncology - MSc, PgCert, PgDip

Part-time MSc, PgCert and PgDip study

This new programme will equip students with the knowledge and skills required to tackle the challenges related to cancer diagnosis and treatment in the 21st Century.

The programme will integrate an in depth understanding of the molecular basis of cancer with the knowledge and skills required to rapidly translate this understanding to new personalized treatment protocols and diagnostic tools. Individuals with this dual expertise are essential in the rapidly advancing field of precision oncology.

Courses will be delivered by expert scientists and clinicians from the world-renowned Edinburgh Medical School. They will include:

  • Hallmarks of cancer (including how the hallmarks of specific cancer types are targeted to improve patient outcomes)
  • Multi-omic approaches in oncology
  • Data analysis and communication skills in cancer research
  • Tumour host interactions (focused on immune-oncology)
  • Cancer drug discovery and clinical application

Each year the syllabus will be fine-tuned to incorporate the latest advances in molecular understanding, technologies and precision oncology. In Year 3, you will have the opportunity to undertake original research based on the expertise of cancer research scientists in the Medical School.

Why Choose this Programme?
Study something you are passionate about

Cancer related morbidity and mortality is set to increase significantly in the next 20 years. This programme aims to develop practitioners and researchers who are focused on making a significant contribution to reducing the burden of the disease globally.

Learn at an internationally renowned Medical School

Edinburgh Medical School is internationally renowned in the fields of cancer cell biology and precision oncology, and a world leader in advancing research into real-world applications.

Grow a lifelong network of experts in the field of cancer research

Our programme team brings together experienced clinicians and world-changing researchers. Through ‘meet the scientist’ and ‘meet the clinician’ sessions you will expand your professional network of experts who are leading developments in patient care, clinical trials, drug development, and research.

Learn alongside like-minded professionals around the world

A big part of your learning experience is achieved through engaging with your peers, exchanging ideas, and developing different perspectives to solve problems. You will be part of a global community that, together with academic staff, will form the foundation of your network.

Cancer Biology and Precision Oncology study