BSc Biological Sciences (Plant Science)

Full-time 4 years study

Whether your interests are in pure or applied science and whether you prefer to work at the environmental, organismal or molecular level, now is an exciting time to be a plant scientist.

As well as conserving biodiversity, we need to develop sustainable systems of plant production to secure supplies of food, fibre and industrial feedstock. In addition, bioenergy and synthetic biology are rapidly expanding areas within which Plant Science is at the forefront.

Areas of study

You will investigate:

  • how plants grow and develop
  • how they respond to and interact with their environment
  • how they evolve and diversify
  • how they are used

We have a strong international reputation for plant science research and offer many research opportunities. This ranges from fundamental topics such as how plants sense time, to applied studies on the future of food production and the biotechnological use of plants as vaccines.

We study plants ranging from single-celled algae, to liverworts, snapdragons and crop plants to answer a wide variety of biological questions.

There is close collaboration with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. Your final year project can be based there, or at one of the many plant research institutes in the area.

Biological Sciences explores the study of living organisms, covering everything from the interactions of animals in their environment to how genes are expressed.

We offer 12 different biological sciences subject areas, including plant science. Regardless of your initial application choice, you will have the opportunity to explore aspects of each of our programmes in the early years and choose to specialise in whichever one interests you.

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