BSc Biological Sciences (Evolutionary Biology)

Full-time 4 years study

Evolutionary Biology is at the centre of modern biology, spanning the subject from genomes to whole organisms. All species, past and present, are related in a common phylogenetic tree. All the diverse and extraordinary adaptations that allow organisms to function have evolved through natural selection. The way life has evolved has influenced every aspect of society, from literature to medicine.

Areas of study

You will study topics such as:

  • evolutionary processes and their cause
  • the behaviour of genes in populations
  • molecular phylogenetics
  • tree building 
  • the origins of life and how it has evolved over time

You will learn the principles of evolutionary biology and how it can be applied to:

  • geology
  • plant and animal breeding
  • computer science
  • the emergence of infectious diseases
  • questions about molecular and social evolution

Biological Sciences explores the study of living organisms, covering everything from the interactions of animals in their environment to how genes are expressed.

We offer 12 different Biological Sciences subject areas, including Evolutionary Biology. Regardless of your initial application choice, you will have the opportunity to explore aspects of each of our programmes in the early years and choose to specialise in whichever one interests you.

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