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Ed-DaSH Data Science Training in Health & Bioscience

Ed-DaSH is a Data Science training programme for Health and Biosciences. The team has developed workshops using The Carpentries platform on the following topics.

Our workshops will teach a mix of existing and new content, including new material developed in parallel by other initiatives, to address the skills gaps most frequently identified by health and bioscience researchers. We will use open-source platforms developed by The Carpentries, a community-based project that is a global leader in teaching data and coding skills. The Carpentries paradigm of open access training leads participants on a skills development path, first as a learner, then helping an experienced instructor, finally leading instruction themselves. The Carpentries’ success and sustainability is driven by its inclusive and collaborative approach, broadening the base of people actively engaged in learning, applying, and teaching data skills.

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Edinburgh Genomics Trainings

From introductory coding courses (Linux, R, Python) to advanced workshops (RNA-seq data analysis, metagenomics), a wide range of courses to equip you with the skills you need for your next genomic analysis.

Started in mid 2014, their training portfolio is continuously being expanded. It contains core bioinformatics workshops, like “Linux for Genomics” and “Introduction to Python for Biologists”, as well as applied genomics workshops, like “Introduction to RNA-seq Data Analysis”, "Variant Analysis", "Metagenomics", and “Long -Read Genome Analysis”.

Workshops are now delivered remotely to the same standard and content as their face to face courses. Instructors include staff from Edinburgh Genomics and The University of Edinburgh, as well as external experts. 

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The Genetics Society Training

Purpose: to support attendance at short training courses.

Grants of up to £1,000 are available to enable members to attend formal short training courses in the area of Genetics research, or longer longer visits to another laboratory for training in specific genetic/genomic techniques. Eligible expenses include travel, accommodation, subsistence and tuition fees.

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