Early career researchers attend Edinburgh Next Generation of Genomics Symposium (ENGoGS23)

ENGoGS23 was held on the 14th November 2023 at the Playfair Library.

175 attendees were present at the symposium, which featured 43 presentations and posters by early career researchers (ECRs) working in genomics across the University. The aim of this symposium was to bring together ECRs working on genomics or with genomic technologies from across the Universities' campuses to allow interactions between those using genomics in different fields and studying different organisms. 

The symposium was an opened by a presentation from Professor Wendy Bickmore. Keynote presentations from Dr Laura Glendinning and Dr Ailith Ewing followed later in the day.

ENGoGS was concluded by an entertaining panel discussion asking 'has genomics had it's day?'. Fortunately the panel of Dr Juliet Luft, Martina Dajak and Dr Tim Regan (and chaired by Dr Robb Hollis) concluded that it had not!

Prizes for posters and presentations were presented by the Principal, Professor Sir Peter Mathieson. Congratulations to the presentation prize winners (Dr Eleanor Conole, Barry Ryan and Dr Florent Petitprez) and poster prize winners (Kitty Sherwood, Katie Dubarry and Kevin Carr).  

Photos of ENGoGS23

ECRs interacting during the poster session
Attendees interacting during the poster sessions.
Panel discussion
A panel discussion was held featuring (L-R) Dr Robb Hollis, Dr Juliet Luft, Martina Dajak and Dr Tim Regan.
Professor Sir Peter Mathieson presents poster prizes
Poster prizes were presented by Professor Sir Peter Mathieson to (L-R) Kitty Sherwood, Kate Dubarry and Kevin Carr.
Professor Sir Peter Mathieson presents presentation prizes
Presentation prizes were awarded by Professor Sir Peter Mathieson to (L-R) Dr Florent Petitprez, Dr Eleanor Conole and Barry Ryan.
Speakers and chairs of ENGoGS23 on the stairs of the Playfair Library
The speakers, session chairs and organising committee of ENGoGS23.