News 2022

Archived news from across the One Health Genomics Edinburgh (then Genomics at Edinburgh) network.

Next generation web page poster

We were very pleased to host our Next Generation of Genomics event on May 31 and June 1, 2022.

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People with at least two grandparents from the Scottish Hebrides are being asked to participate in a large genetic study.

Roslin institute building

High-tech facility can support a wide range of studies of proteins in various tissues by providing detailed analysis of the proteins present. It's available to scientists throughout the University.


With 1.5 million pounds, the government supports research into outbreaks of bird flu.

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Routine eye screening combined with genetic data could provide insight into an individual's heart health and disease risk.

Institute of genetics and cancer

A study by scientists at the Institute of Genetics and Cancer provides important new information about the ability of cell adhesion molecules to relocate to the cell nucleus.

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Speaking to Daily Telegraph reporter Max Stephens, the founding director of Innogen Prof Joyce Tait said that rejection of legislation currently under consideration in England that would allow the cultivation and sale of genetically modified products would mean Scotland would lose out.

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Concinnity Genetics was founded by Dr. Jessica Birt and Dr. Matt Dale of the UK Centre for Mammalian Synthetic Biology in SynthSys and aims to improve the safety and efficacy of gene therapies using AI.

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According to new research from the Australian National University (ANU), the raw material for evolution is much more abundant in wild animals than previously thought.

X-ray photo of lungs

A multi-million pound research programme aims to tackle lung infections and future pandemics has been announced at the University of Edinburgh with support from a significant donation by Baillie Gifford.

A torso of cathy abbott

Professor Cathy Abbott has been elected as Trustee of Research Policy on the British Neuroscience Association (BNA) Council

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A consultation in the UK will investigate public concerns and hopes related to changing the DNA of farmed animals.

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Edinburgh’s position as one of the UK’s leading research universities has been reaffirmed by the results of the 2021 Research Excellence Framework (REF)

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Patients in Edinburgh suffering from gout have successfully controlled their disease thanks to a novel self-management approach.

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International experts will share expertise at the European Conservation Genetics Meeting 2022 in Edinburgh.

A photo of Porteous holding happy retirement banner

Colleagues at the University of Edinburgh wish Professor David Porteous well on his retirement after four decades of research activity.

A picture of a herd of cows

Researchers engage with sector on transformation of animal agriculture.

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A section of DNA found to protect native African cattle against East Coast fever could safeguard breeds introduced to the region.

A set of photos of mouse genetics

The MRC National Mouse Genetics Network marks a major new £22 million investment in mouse genetics for modelling human disease that will capitalise on the UK’s international excellence in the biomedical sciences.

Ralston team photo

The Royal Osteoporosis Society (ROS) announced Professor Stuart Ralston as one of the successful applicants of its largest ever research grants round, after reviewing a record number of applications.

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A new University of Edinburgh spin-out company aims to transform how genomic data is securely accessed and analysed, with benefits for drug discovery and personalised medicine.

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Professor Sara Brown has been awarded philanthropic funding by the Charles Wolfson Charitable Trust to test new drug treatments for eczema and related skin conditions.

An image of a chimpanzee

Scientists have solved a 100-year-old mystery about the evolutionary links between malaria parasites that infect humans and chimpanzees.

Early career research award 2023

Tom’s work and contribution as an exceptional early career researcher has been acknowledged in the Biochemical Society’s annual awards.

The Next Generation of Genomics Symposium poster

We are pleased to announce the call for speakers for the first Genomics@Edinburgh “The Next Generation of Genomics” Symposium.

A landscape photo of Bruce Whitelaw

An expert in gene editing has been appointed as Director of the Roslin Institute, with immediate effect.

A picture of a herd of cattles

Detection of a signature inflammation marker could aid early detection of mastitis in cows.

A person wearing a mask to protect from coronavirus

Co-infection with flu in patients with Covid-19 more than doubles their risk of death, hospital data shows.

Blood samples in containers

By analysing the blood of over 9000 of our volunteers, researchers may have found a new way to predict when some health conditions might develop.

A profile photo of Didier Devaurs

Cross-disciplinary Fellow Didier Devaurs has received a SULSA award for his work using cutting-edge machine learning techniques to resolve challenges with deep mutational scanning.