Genomics related news from across the University of Edinburgh.


£5 million UKRI-funding has been awarded to Professor Kenneth Baillie and team to establish the EMMC, which will aim to identify the molecular mechanisms linking genetic associations and disease.

Front of the Ashworth Building

Comparison of over 200 high-quality butterfly and moth genomes reveals key insights into their biology, evolution and diversification over the last 250 million years, as well as clues for conservation.

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A new study from authors including IGC’s Professor Caroline Hayward, and using data from the Generation Scotland cohort, uncovers that sensitivity to the protein GDF15 explains why many experience sickness and nausea whilst pregnant.

Roslin Institute building

Researchers have transcribed the genome of the white-crowned sparrow, a longstanding model wild bird species used to understand the bird biology.

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Lower-cost genomic analysis could enable affordable screening of individual dogs for genetic health conditions, and support breeding programmes.

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Discovery of a pair of genes that work together to protect male fertility, could provide new insights into some unexplained cases of the most severe form of infertility, research suggests.

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Mapping development of mosquito-borne virus offers clarity on managing risk of infections.

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A new study has identified 70 virus lineages that pose the biggest risk of causing future global pandemics.

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A study led by Edinburgh Cancer Centre scientists provides the first comprehensive molecular picture of ovarian carcinosarcoma (OCS), an uncommon form of ovarian cancer.

Playfair library

175 attendees were present at ENGoGS23, a symposium for early career researchers working in genomics or using genomic technologies, which was held on the 14th November 2023 at the Playfair Library.